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Angela Morton, AIA, Principal

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Interested in both the scientific advancement of building and design as well as the artistic creation of beauty, Angela Morton found architecture to be an ideal intersection of both as a young student at the University of Virginia.

“The idea that architecture could be of the world and also made to protect us from the world, that architecture was a part of nature but also what set us apart from the natural world really appealed to me,” she says.

Angela takes a both and—not either or—approach to life and enjoys the collaborative nature of her Mathes Brierre team. Whether working with architects, designers, clients, contractors or craftsmen, being able to draw out the best from collaborators and make a safe space for open dialogue is key—it always produces something bigger.

Always observing, Angela also enjoys seeing how people use their space over time.

“Mathes Brierre has been in practice for more than 125 years,” she says. “It’s rewarding to renovate projects that are part of the firm’s portfolio, to see how well things have adapted to changing times and needs.”

Angela is a graduate of the NORLI program, a member of the AIA, and Past President of AIA New Orleans and AIA Louisiana. She is LEED accredited and NCARB Certified.

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