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Airfoil Angels Logo RevNEW ORLEANS – Airfoil Angels, a Gulf South-based angel investor firm, said it is actively searching for entrepreneurs and ventures that need seed, startup and growth capital. Airfoil Angels said it looks at all deals regardless of industry, deal size, or project phase, and is committed to a process-friendly connection between its affiliated investors and entrepreneurs. 

“The venture capital market is very challenging for entrepreneurs,” said Jay Taffet, the company’s founder. “There are very few options in the Gulf South, and the ones that do look at investment opportunities typically have very stringent requirements for venture pitches and presentation. We believe venture capital should be accessible, mutual and respectful towards giving all entrepreneurs a chance to make their case. After all, founders need funding and funders need deals.” 

Airfoil Angels was formed by pilots, aircraft owners and aviation enthusiasts, but is open to all accredited investors. The firm is also self-described as “industry agnostic” and, thus, welcomes all types of entrepreneurs and ventures for investment looks. Airfoil Angels will help entrepreneurs convert their venture ideas into viable business plans, if needed, to facilitate capital placement.

“I’m a pilot, so I started my investor recruitment among fellow pilots and aircraft owners,” said Taffet. “Aviation folks are rooted in all types of industries and professions, and they’re typically qualified accredited investors and ambitious people that can spot good opportunities. I’m also a long-time venture advisor and entrepreneurship coach so I know the mechanics of converting ideas into venture plans if we need to facilitate an incredible vision towards project viability. Ultimately, our goal is to match capital with entrepreneurs to give lift to dreams. Thus, the name Airfoil Angels.”

Airfoil Angels sees big opportunity in matching entrepreneurs with its affiliated investors during the COVID-19 pandemic as quarantine and remote work trends continue. The firm believes a new wave of entrepreneurship is building due to corporate layoffs and job losses.

 “We’re living in the most entrepreneurial time in recent history as employees consider their passions and professions towards self-employment and startups,” said Taffet. “And the Gulf South is leading this entrepreneurship trend with its dynamic venture communities and increasing popularity as a preferred place to live.  Put simply, I think Airfoil Angels is in the right place at the right time with the right focus.”

Airfoil Angels does not directly participate in any investor-entrepreneur connections with capital placement, transaction fees or deal percentages. All capital is placed individually by affiliated investors. 

 Airfoil Angels connects affiliated investors with new and established entrepreneurs towards process-friendly seed, startup and growth capital placement. Investment opportunity is open to all entrepreneurs regardless of industry, deal size or project phase, and membership is open to all Accredited Investors regardless of aviation affiliation.

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