All Dogs and Brewers Go to Heaven

NOLA on Tap returns to raise funds for the LASPCA.

The growing number of craft and homebrewers in Southeast Louisiana continues to delight beer fans, and the LASPCA capitalizes on this with their sixth-annual NOLA on Tap event Saturday, September 26th.

Held at City Park’s Festival Grounds, an easy streetcar ride from the French Quarter, this year anticipates over 20,000 attendees. Estimates based on advanced ticket sales show that 25 percent of the visitors will be from outside of Louisiana, from areas including New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Seattle and Vermont.

The successful reputation of this free admission event has led to an increase in tourists and media coverage. Jeffrey Elizardi, development resource coordinator for the LASPCA, says, “We currently market online emails and social media outside of New Orleans. Some of our print and TV media reach outside the state. We've been lucky that national media and blogs have also picked us up.”

The rise in popularity of craft beers is not only evidenced by what’s on tap at The Bulldog, one of the event’s sponsors. It can also be seen in the business ramifications of companies like MillerCoors, the country’s second-largest brewing company, which last week announced layoffs and a plant closing in North Carolina.

In line with this demand for craft brews, NOLA on Tap will serve over 300 varieties of beer on Saturday.  

“We offer the best of what is on tap. Craft beer has exploded and you are completely missing out if you think beer is limited to the cheap domestic swill your grandfather taught you to drink,” says Elizardi. 

“We have over 270 local and national craft beers included many rare and limited offering that are hard to find. We have the largest collection of homebrewers ever assembled in the state pouring close to 150 truly unique and tasty beers with outrageous flavors and ingredients. Many brewers use this as an opportunity for exposure and feedback and will become the next great commercial brewers in our state.”

The star of the show is the beer, but there will also be a dozen food vendors and a music lineup that highlights some great local talent like Colin Lake, Cardinal Sons, and the Honey Island Swamp Band.

And instead of BYOB, it’s BYOD – Bring Your Own Dog. As the largest fundraising event for the LASPCA, it’s dog-friendly and attendees are encouraged to bring their canine companions with them for the festivities.

Elizardi explains, “There are two things we want locals as well as visitors to experience and those are the greatest elements of New Orleans and the greatest selections of what’s on tap.” Offering Mardi Gras dance troupes in costume, local musicians and food vendors, and the plethora of local brews, NOLA on Tap delivers.

Admission to NOLA on Tap is free and drink tickets may be purchased at a discount in advance here.



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