All Charged Up

Editor's Note
Kimberley Singletary
Illustration by Paddy Mills

When we go looking for the year’s class of New & Notables, we’re looking for people who have done something or taken on a new position in the past year that is focused on moving our region forward. While doing so, we aim to cover a wide array of industries in the hopes of introducing our readers to people they may not know but should.

I suppose I shouldn’t play favorites, but honestly, this issue ties with our women’s issue every May as my favorite every year. I think it’s because it focuses so much on hope and making big plans.

When you’re struggling — as our area is in many ways — it’s easy to get frustrated, to lose hope. We tend to forget than many of our problems are not unique to us, and the ones that are only offer an opportunity to break new ground. The people we honor this year are all filled with this kind of optimism and having the chance to talk to some of them couldn’t help but lift my spirits.

Maybe it’s that about half are very recent transplants to this region — armed with an outsider’s fresh perspective and a history of making things happen. But then there’s also the locals, the ones who hold such a deep appreciation for our inherent strengths and see the potential that peeks through the obstacles.

In the future that these 11 honorees see for us there is greater wealth and health care equity, smoother streets, booming innovative industries and room for everyone to make their mark in a region that has long celebrated doing things just a bit different from everyone else.

Please join me in congratulating this year’s class of dreamers and doers: Biz New Orleans magazine’s 2022 New & Notables.

Kimberley Singletary
Managing Editor