Affordable housing is critically needed. What are your latest projects in this area?

Perspective Realestate

Affordable housing is critically needed. What are your latest projects in this area?


Perspective Realestate Jackiedadakis

Jackie Dadakis
CEO, Green Coast Enterprises
We are looking at innovative ways this crisis from all sides. We are aggressively pursuing options to provide affordable infill scattered-site housing for New Orleans homebuyers. We also need to provide new types of housing to compete for the workers who are now untethered from their offices. Where appropriate, we need to be building modern, smaller scale units, not large luxury condos, but amenitized one- to two-bedroom units in larger mixed-use multifamily developments. This is our focus for the next three years.


Perspective Realestate Latanyalabranch

LaTanya LaBranch
Broker, LaBranch & Associates
Affordable housing begins and ends with education and taking the necessary steps to be settled. For buyers, I connect them with lenders with grant programs to decrease their loan amount. For renters, I attempt to educate them about programs to assist with their purchase. Step one is to educate the buyer on the importance of credit and how to use it. Step two involves educating the buyer on budgeting and what deductions can be taken then added back into their income. Step three is about finding a home within their monthly budgeted amount, and then step four is closing on that home.


Perspective Realestate Nealmorris

Neal Morris
Housing Advocate & Principal , Redmellon Restoration and Development
Right now, we are working on a 44-unit rehabilitation project. But these days it seems I am spending as much time with advocacy as I am with development. Regulatory fixes like inclusionary zoning make little dents but are far from enough. We need more housing that is naturally affordable, and this happens when we build more densely. We have to start making the connection between housing prices, homelessness and the environment. My professional work and my advocacy are increasingly centered on making this connection.


Perspective Realestate Timthompson

Tim Thompson
Head of Brokerage, Urban Properties
Over the last few years, we have assisted Anthony Marullo in acquiring hundreds of units throughout the NOLA metropolitan service area, which he converts to voucher programs because of the lack of supply in New Orleans. New Orleans is short tens of thousands of units. Marullo is willing to spend the money to upkeep, renovate and continue to operate affordable housing. We are currently assisting Marullo in closing on two complexes in Uptown New Orleans.