Acing It

Club Champion in Metairie helps local golfers find their perfect fitting club.
Photos by Sara Essex Bradley


Until February, passionate Greater New Orleans-area golfers committed to the game had to travel to Houston, Nashville or Atlanta to reach the nearest Club Champion, premium clubfitter, builder and retailer.

Now, players need only drive to Metairie for their drivers (and every other club in the bag). The new 2,600-square-foot company specializes in helping golfers gain yards off  the tee and lower their scores by fitting their clubs to their specific swing. Additionally, the two-person staff is just as committed to the game as the customers.

“We believe in what we do,” says Matt McKown, master fitter, master club builder and former professional golfer. “Working in golf isn’t something you decide to do because it’s a hobby. It’s a passion. You don’t just stumble into it.”

Fittings are by appointment only and customers get one-on-one attention from McKown and his other teammate (who was still undergoing training at press time and not yet working on-site) for approximately three hours, or however long it takes to discern the proper fit.

The Veterans Boulevard location includes the Sam PuttLab putting green, two TrackMan Indoor Golf Simulator bays and the full-build shop, for re-re-gripping, re-shafting, repair and rebuilding.

The company is brand-agnostic, which means golfers can get any PGA Tour-quality clubs for customers. For example, it is the largest dealer in the country of Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) clubs. But the company’s brand agnosticism runs deep. If they don’t stock the clubs you want, they will find a way to get them for you.

“For us, there are 35,000 options,” says McKown. “It’s a tour van in store form.”

McKown says he appreciates the company’s appointment model, because it gives him the opportunity to build relationships with customers and give them the attention they need to get the correct fit.

Over the next 12 months, McKown says the company’s biggest challenges are growing its customer base, growing the brand and educating golfers in the region about the importance of a custom fit.

“New Orleans is a totally different golf market,” he says. “One of the biggest differences is you have your local focus courses, but after that you have to go to Baton Rouge, Lake Charles and Mobile, Alabama. Our potential customer base is spread out.”

Because of the small space, focused attention and commitment to quality, McKown says customers are willing to drive two or three hours.

“I don’t have to wait on some manufacturer’s timeline,” says McKown. “We’re a big company, but it still feels kind of like a mom-and-pop store, because you build that relationship. We’re very much a family. For me, to work here, it’s great. I believe in it.”

The SAM PuttLab putting green is just inside the door at Club Champion. The nationwide premium clubfitter, builder and retailer opened a 2,600-square-foot location in Metairie in February. Until now, local golfers had to travel to Houston or Nashville to reach the closest one. The store is by appointment only and makes more than 35,000 PGA Tour-quality, custom clubs available for customers.

Club Champion is brand-agnostic, which means golfers can get any PGA Tour-quality clubs for customers. If they don’t stock the clubs you want, they will find a way to get them for you.

The Metairie location has two TrackMan Indoor Golf Simulator bays, as well as a full build shop, for re-gripping, re-shafting, repairing and rebuilding clubs. Matt McKown, master fitter and master club builder, says the next 12 months will be spent growing the company’s customer base and brand, while also educating golfers on the importance of a custom fit and how much it can change their game.

At A Glance

Club Champion

2020 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie

Date of opening
February 2019

2,600 square feet

Number of Employees

Person in Charge
Matt McKown, master fitter, master club builder