A Celebration of Space

Editor’s Note
Kimberley Singletary
Illustration by Paddy Mills

Real estate is such an exciting industry because it’s all about new beginnings — whether that be a family moving into a new home, or a business finding the perfect new space. New is the birthplace of possibilities, of fresh experiences. It’s the hope for better.

On a personal level, my family just celebrated our first year in our own New Orleans home. It started out rough — we moved in the day before Ida hit — but once things calmed down a bit and we were actually able to stay in our home, it’s been fun settling in and making it our own. I can look around and imagine upcoming holidays with family, sleepovers with rambunctious kiddos, and continuing traditions like family movie nights and maybe some new game nights on the back porch.

Along with our new home, my daughter’s school, Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle Orleans, welcomed students this fall into its new high school campus — which officially makes New Orleans home to the first, and only, tuition-free Pre-K through 12th grade French immersion program in the nation. Eight years after the school purchased what was once the Alfred C. Priestley Junior High School on Leonidas Street — and more than three decades since the location last welcomed students — this gorgeous new school will be graduating Lycee’s inaugural 12th grade class next year. Our city has yet another incredible feature that no other place in the nation is offering. That’s exciting!

Of course, this one school is just an example of all the exciting things underway all over the Greater New Orleans region. I was excited to pick the brains of 10 of the top professionals in our real estate industry again this year, including two persons, Mike Siegel and Barry Spizer, that will be honored this month by NOMAR-CID for their work on the “2021 Deal of the Year” — the redevelopment of Charity Hospital — at the 12th Annual Economic and Real Estate Forecast Symposium October 13 at the Jefferson Performing Arts Center. For more information, visit NOMAR.org.

Here’s to exciting new developments, and here’s to FALL!

Thanks for reading,

Kimberley Singletary
Managing Editor