A Better Workplace Through Science

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Increasing your business’ profit is certainly one measure of success, and offering great pay is certainly one way to motivate your staff, but a healthy work environment and a fully engaged staff is something money alone can’t buy. This is where Organizational Behavior Management can help.

In order to study the principles of behavior in a scientific manner, you can use something called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which includes recognizing certain factors and elements that can affect how humans behave. ABA has become known for its success in helping children with autism improve their social interactions and maintain positive behaviors. But ABA can also be applied to your business, and that branch is known as Organizational Behavior Management or OBM.

Headquartered in Thibodeaux, with clinics in New Orleans, Houma, Hammond, Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Touchstone Applied Behavior Analysis is dedicated to providing state-of-the -science ABA services throughout the region through approximately 200 employees.

Angie Moran Headshot“A scientific approach to effective implementation based on the principles of behavior has the power to drive outcomes and transform lives,” says Angie Moran, Touchstone ABA’s New Orleans site-based supervisor. “An example of what we offer may include performance-based pay schemes and recognition to increase instances of behaviors which lead to desirable outcomes. Examples of those behaviors may include things such as the number of calls made per day, appropriate use of machinery or database or attendance. Examples of outcomes for performance-based pay increases may include decreased average support resolution time, higher number of new contracts signed or shortened order fulfillment time.”

Moran entered the field after years of training and work in special education and helping children with autism.

“I love helping people,” she said. “I especially enjoy being able to use science to help people work together to succeed and find satisfaction in their jobs. Organizational Behavior Management is all about helping businesses by maximizing the potential for improving performance, especially when it comes to increasing efficiency, productivity, safety and retention.”



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