7th Inning Stretch

A few good places to catch the World Series

The Chicago Cubs are the greatest team in baseball. And they have been since 1945. Obviously not because of their World Series wins, but because there have been none since 1908 (2016 is TBD). They are the greatest team because they are a team that never gives up with a fan base that joins them in persistence and hope. I am a lifelong Cubs fan and needless to say, most other aspects of life are on hold during this World Series.

If you too are a baseball fan and happen to be traveling to New Orleans during the Series, here are some great places to watch the games.


The Rusty Nail

Located in the Warehouse District, The Rusty Nail is a local bar with a loyal following that welcomes tourists as friends they haven’t met yet. It isn’t overwhelmed with televisions but it has the right amount to keep an eye line when you need to see the play, then you can look away when your pitcher is throwing garbage. The outdoor patio is perfect for the weather this time of year. The Nail’s varying visiting food trucks offer some of the most interesting food currently available in NOLA, and specialty drinks like Disco Lemonade (sake, vodka and lemonade) will make your visit stand out from a typical bar.


Finn McCool’s

An Irish pub in Mid City, Finn McCool’s is regularly awarded “Best Neighborhood Bar”. It’s known as a great spot to watch soccer and football, but it also handles the World Series with cheering crowds, friendly staff and delicious food from its kitchen called Rum & The Lash. Crispy Brussel sprouts and the corned beef with spicy cabbage are not your typical game fare.


Tchoup 45

If a small bar Uptown is what you’re looking for, Tchoup 45 is a great choice. Funky décor and over 60 beers keep customers happy, and televisions are located throughout the bar. Sometimes the owners cook up specialty food and offer it gratis, sometimes there is a food truck out front. The Rouse’s grocery store across the street also makes some impressive ribs (you heard it here first).



If you are searching for a true sports bar that celebrates all things athletic and chicken wing, then Manning’s at Harrah’s is the spot for you. It features reclining leather chairs and nearly every inch of wall space is covered with televisions. You can watch the joy and defeat of baseball in comfort. Just be sure to participate in the seventh inning stretch so you don’t fall asleep if it’s a slow game.


Your Hotel Room

Every Cubs fan knows, sometimes you need to watch the game in solitude so you can cry. Whether from the disbelief that they are actually such an exquisite team playing for the love of the game, or devastated by the potential that is not reached, Chicago and Cleveland both have the capacity to bring their fans to their knees with emotion. In these instances, it really is best to just order some take-out or room service, pick up your beverage of choice, and watch the game in the comfort of your pajamas in your hotel room. You won’t be able to celebrate a victory with a crowd, but you can cry yourself to sleep in the case of defeat with no repercussions.


If you visit all of these places and none of them work for you, just keep trying. That’s what the Cubs do. 



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