675-Acre Property for Sale in Thibodaux

Aerial Photo Ridgefield And Richebourg Final 10 3 2022
Aerial photo provided by Block and Bouterie

THIBODAUX, La. — The owners of Ridgefield Plantation, located in southwest Thibodaux, have announced that it is for sale. The property was last on the market in 1926. Block and Bouterie are the attorneys representing the landowners in the sale.

Some history of the site courtesy of the sellers:

“Ridgefield is one of the oldest sugar plantations on Bayou Lafourche. It was established in the 1830s by George Seth Guion. Later, it was the home of Francis T. Nicholls, who chaired the Louisiana Constitutional Convention of 1891, served as Louisiana’s governor for eight years, and was Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court from 1892 to 1911. Nicholls died at his home on Ridgefield Plantation in 1912. Nicholls State University in Thibodaux is named in his honor. Ridgefield Plantation was also the location of a Union encampment, Camp Hubbard, during the American Civil War.

Ridgefield Plantation adjoins sister property Richebourg Inc., which will also be sold. The combined lands front the Houma-Thibodaux Highway (Louisiana Highway 20) and add up to 675 acres. Ridgefield is 615 acres and Richebourg LLC adds an additional 60. The land is farmed by Triple K and M Farms Inc., which has an agricultural lease through Dec. 31, 2023.

Ridgefield Plantation and Richebourg are traversed by seven roads, and utility services, electricity, sewerage, gas and telephone are also in place. The properties are surrounded by residential and commercial developments.

A recent appraiser said that “large tracts of land with numerous streets and utilities in place rarely become available and would make the subject [property] a highly desirable site.” The 675 acres were appraised at $13,950,000.

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