610 Stomper Creates Shorts For Ordinary Men With Extraordinary Legs

NEW ORLEANS — For men with athletic legs, the hunt for a pair of shorts that fits in the waist and legs may be over.

         Robert Bruce, a New Orleans native and original member of the famed 610 Stompers, created BRIX Apparel to cater to large legged men who struggle to find a well-fitting pair of shorts.

         “I was standing in the dressing room and it hit me — it would be easier to create the perfect pair of shorts instead of trying to buy them from a cookie cutter retail store,” Bruce said.

         Bruce spent months with local seamstresses perfecting the design. The shorts include a true-fitting waist, an extra half-inch in the thigh and seat, and a slight taper back at the knee to maintain a classic, tailored look.

         “It sounds simple, but it’s not,” Bruce said. “With more guys having larger legs and carrying a wallet, cellphone and keys, we had to make sure that we could add additional room in the thigh without making the shorts look baggy.”

         BRIX shorts also feature a few other details that make them standout. Robert said, “We used heavyweight 8.5-ounce cotton and high quality tortoise shell buttons for the shorts. I wanted to use the same finishes as the higher end clothiers and give guys with athletic legs more style options than what is offered at a national big and tall retailer.”

         BRIX draws inspiration from the creator’s experience dancing in the world-renowned New Orleans based men’s dance troupe, the 610 Stompers, known for wearing their signature blue shorts.

         “Let’s be honest,” he said. “You need room in your shorts to be able to pull off the kind of dance moves we do. I created BRIX because I saw a lot of guys ripping through shorts left and right.”

         Bruce has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an initial production run of the shorts with a goal to develop more products that fit men with athletic bodies.

         “It’s not about weight,” he said. “I could lose all the weight I want, but my thighs and butt will always need a little extra room. I know I’m not the only guy out there who struggles with that.”

         Bruce said he hopes to offer not only additional col ors, styles and inseam lengths on his shorts, but also to expand the line to include casual pants, shirts and accessories.

         “Here in New Orleans and all over the South, guys wear shorts 90% of the year,” Bruce said. “I hope that BRIX become the go-to shorts for guys who need a stylish pair of perfectly fitted shorts.”

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