3rd Annual Oswald Conference To Bring Experts On JFK Assassination To New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS – Leading experts on the JFK Assassination will gather in New  Orleans Oct. 14-16, 2016, for the 3rd annual Oswald Conference, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel-Airport, 2829 Williams Blvd., in Kenner.

         This year’s focus will be “Oswald: The Patsy.” The conference will explore Lee Harvey Oswald’s role in the national nightmare surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, especially the five months he spent in New Orleans from April to September 1963.

         The conference is produced by TrineDay Press, Conscious Community Events, and the JFK Historical Group.

         “Oswald was a ‘patsy,’ just as he said,” according to event organizer Kris Millegan. “We will be looking at Oswald’s life in New Orleans, and will explore other related topics such as David Ferrie, Dr. Mary Sherman, and Jim Garrison’s JFK investigation, plus we will hear from a former Navy sailor who carried JFK’s casket and who was inside the Bethesda Naval Hospital at the time of JFK’s autopsy.”

         Panels on Saturday will also examine the veracity of claims that U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s father worked with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans – “Ted Cruz’ father: A witness to Rafael Cruz’s involvement with Oswald.”

         Speakers will include:

• Judyth Vary Baker, girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald

• Ed Haslam, author, Dr. Mary’s Monkey and Me & Lee

• George Noory, national radio host, Coast to Coast AM

• St. John Hunt, author, Bond of Secrecy

• Todd Elliott, author, Rose Cherami and JFK Assassination

• Sean C. Stone, son of filmmaker Oliver Stone


         A birthday party for Lee Harvey Oswald, honoring his 77nd birthday, will be held on Sat, Oct. 15, at 8:00 p.m. at The Kamp Restaurant, 2317 Hickory Ave., in Harahan, LA.

         The party will feature live music by Pontchartrain Wrecks and will be hosted by Coast to Coast AM’s George Noory and Judyth Vary Baker, the author of “Me and Lee: How I came to know, love, and lose Lee Harvey Oswald.”

         All events are open to the public, but registration and tickets are required.

         Seating is limited.

         Register here



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