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Top (left to right): D. Parker Moring, Jr., MAI, Senior Managing Director/Principal; Stephen Schiff, Appraiser; Kimberly Schiff, Office Manager; Karsten Greil, Senior Appraiser; Austin Johnson, Appraiser; Nicholas Gambino, Senior Appraiser; Carter Higdon, Senior Appraiser; Sheila Schwertz, Vice President Staff & Community Relations/Principal; Andrew Miles, Senior Appraiser; Arthur (Art) Schwertz, MAI, Senior Managing Director/Principal; Not pictured: Martha Russell Bennett, Senior Appraiser

Daniel Schwertz, Operations Manager

With three decades of appraisal experience, Senior Managing Director, Arthur Schwertz, MAI, and his wife, Sheila Schwertz, have been partners with Valbridge Property Advisors | South Louisiana since its inception in 2012, becoming the sole owners in 2016. 

Valbridge South Louisiana operates as an independent franchisee/shareholder, while implementing the data, technology, and resources that come with the backing of a national firm, to design a custom solution for their clients. With 80+ offices nationwide, 200 MAI-designated appraisers and more than 675 staff, the South Louisiana office is a single point of contact.

As commercial appraisers, Valbridge South Louisiana serves a crucial role in the larger financial system – examining every factor to determine a property’s value accurately and ethically. “Our main goal is to keep a finger on the pulse of local and national markets and their implications and values, and use the technology and resources at our disposal to produce quality appraisal reports in accordance with the highest of industry standards,” says Sheila Schwertz, Vice President, Staff and Community Relations. “The appraisal process may seem cut and dried, but we approach it as a skill and take pride in the process and finished product. Our clients trust us to provide accurate valuations.”

With almost half its staff family members and the other treated as such, Art and Sheila place their employees’ growth at the forefront of their vision. Each appraiser, related or not, can achieve their MAI designation and eventually become principal/owner in the firm establishing a multi-generational business model. Most recently, Valbridge South Louisiana welcomed its newest partner, D. Parker Moring, Jr., MAI who has been an appraiser with the firm since 2013.


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