Golden Ranch Alligator Farm

Second Generation
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The largest privately-owned refuge in the state of Louisiana, Golden Ranch Farms has lived a rich 200-year history since its purchase from the Ouacha and Chaouacha indigenous peoples in 1744. An ardent supporter of wildlife preservation and a cultivator of his local economy, Mr. Arlen “Benny” Cenac Jr. is the sole owner and operator of Golden Ranch Farms’ 52,000 acres of sprawling freshwater marshes, sugar cane fields and a range of wild animals. Benny Cenac is a third-generation Louisianan with a foot in both the maritime and environmental industries. Cenac lives and breathes the values of wildlife conservation. 

Home to one of the nation’s largest sustainability-focused alligator farms, Golden Ranch sees alligators through their entire lifecycle. Alligator eggs are collected, incubated, hatched and grown, and a percentage of adult alligators are returned to the wild to breed while the remaining alligators enter the Golden Ranch’s marsh-to-market program. Humanely and sustainably sourced alligator skins from Golden Ranch’s alligator farms are sent all the way to Italy to become high-end fashion items that include boots, handbags, clothing, and more. 

In addition to Benny Cenac’s day-to-day preservation and climate conservation efforts in his corner of the world at Golden Ranch, he strives to make an environmental difference on a broader scale by volunteering his time and resources with organizations like the Louisiana Wildlife Federation, Inc., Ducks Unlimited, CCA Louisiana, Restore or Retreat, The Bayou Community Foundation, and Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation. 

Benny Cenac is committed to this effort. “I look forward to continuing the preservation, conservation and sustainability of Southeastern Louisiana’s wildlife and maintaining Golden Ranch Farms’ legacy for generations to come,” says Benny.


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122 Foundation Drive

Gheens, LA 70355

(985) 532-5221 

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