2017 New & Notables Event

Thank you to our honorees, guests and sponsors!

Biz New Orleans hosted its first annual New & Notables event, presented by Fidelity Bank, July 11 at The Jaxson on the River. Honorees and guests enjoyed fabulous food, cocktails and live music.

2017 New & Notables:
Erin and Jess Bourgeois, Cailtlin Cain, Bill DiPaola, Ronnie Evans Jr. and Philip Moseley, Alejandra Guzman, Molly Hegarty, David Holtman, Greg Latham, Crystal McDonald, Nicholas Pashos, Andrew Petersen, Alex Reed, Greg Rhoades, Cleveland Spears III and Benjamin Swig

Terry and Lane Sistrunk, Jackie Bryant and Jeff Janusek

Liz Broekman and Tammy O’Shea

Lori Pausina and Glenn Michael

Gloria Smith, Crystal McDonald and Rhesa McDonald

2017 New & Notables

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