2 La. Tech Companies Build Digital Sets for ‘Masked Singer’

Before Scooby-Doo appeared on The Masked Singer, he was just a guy wearing a giant sandwich costume ...

BATON ROUGE –  Pixel Dash Studios, a Louisiana Technology Park member company that develops video games and other digital media, partnered with New Orleans-based production company Top Right Corner to develop digital versions of The Masked Singer stage using LIDAR technology. The digital sets were used in various promotions for the television show, including a spot for the upcoming movie Scoob!

LIDAR (laser imaging scans) were used to create exact schematics of The Masked Singer’s stage with the help of FOX Special Ops, which Pixel Dash Studios and Top Right Corner used as a basis for their digital recreations.

The project is indicative of Pixel Dash Studios’ foray into the world of primetime entertainment, one of what could be many more high-profile contracts as the Louisiana digital media landscape garners more attention and prestige. This project follows Pixel Dash Studios’ previous Hollywood work when it created a virtual reality game for the recent remake of the cult-classic horror movie Child’s Play.

“We never imagined we’d be doing work for FOX, Scoob!, The Masked Singer or any of these household names, but we’ve worked hard to develop our portfolio and I believe the work speaks for itself,” said Pixel Dash Studios CEO Jason Tate. “Louisiana is starting to get attention for its digital media talent, so I can’t wait to see what other opportunities we or our peers are able to jump in on in the future.”

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