18-Year-Old College Student Invents ‘Safety Pouch’


NEW ORLEANS – 18-year-old Loyola student David Price has won a competition and earned significant attention on social media for his invention designed to make traffic stops safer for drivers and law enforcement.

Price’s “Safety Pouch” is a document holder that stores essential driving credentials needed for traffic stops that attaches and detaches from a vehicle’s window. Price said that the benefit of the pouch is that it decreases the need for a driver to reach for information while interacting with a police officer. It also promotes social distancing.

Price dreamed up the idea for a class assignment about promoting social change.

“Everyone had to pitch their ideas to the class and form a team,” he said. “I was the only one on my team, but I received the most votes in the class.”

His professor was so impressed with his idea that she asked him to enter a competition on campus.

“I won first place with an award amount of $1,500,” he said.

After posting his invention on social media, Price received over 150,000 views in two days. 

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