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Episode 66: Get Vaccinated!

The delta variant of the coronavirus is is spreading most quickly in places with low vaccination rates. Dr. Stacy Greene of DePaul Community Health Centers has a simple message for those who want to stay safe and for life to…

Ring the Bell

  I am so excited about back to school. Even though I no longer have school-age children, during this time of year the excitement is still there for me. Yes, traffic picks up and school speed zones are activated, but…

Episode 65: STEM NOLA Goes Global

Could New Orleans become known as the place to be for STEM education? Dr. Calvin Mackie, founder of the nonprofit STEM NOLA, thinks so. Thanks to millions of dollars in support from foundations and companies like Ochsner, Entergy, Boeing and…

Spicing Up the Business

“The pandemic has forced everyone in the food service industry to get creative,” observed Vince Hayward, the fourth-generation owner and CEO of L.H. Hayward and Company. “We went from having a healthy amount of business to almost zero.” In a…


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RYCARS Construction Completed Project #teamRYCARS #NEXTLEVELQUALITY