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Full Plate

When you are crazy busy you get more done.

You know the saying, “Give something you need done to the busiest person and it will happen”? I feel like that person right now.  

With the start of the New Year, we have been on fire. As the official publisher of the New Orleans Saints GameDay program, we have been so excited to come in on Mondays in January and publish for the playoffs in addition to our normal hectic closing schedule. Our custom team is doing a great job and I am so proud of them for the extra effort.

Being busy is not just about work at the office, but also involvement in the community. I currently work directly with seven organizations and do my best to be a good board member. My largest personal board focus this year is the Jefferson Business Council. This year I am honored to serve as board chairman and look forward to a successful year with our executive board and Tony Ligi, who does an outstanding job as our executive director. He really is the busy guy and runs the show.

So now I’m off to the next meeting — have to keep rolling. Give me something else to do and watch it happen.



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Publisher’s Note

A note from the desk of Todd Matherne


Todd Matherne started his career in 1987 and fell in love with the business of  publishing.  In 2006 along with other  partners he created Renaissance  Publishing, which today publishes seven magazines and over 20 custom titles.  He serves on many boards and is  involved in committees and events  throughout New Orleans. He has a  Bachelor of Science from The  University of New Orleans and because  he is local we will add "he went to  Archbishop Shaw" Class of 1985.  He is  married with three daughters and lives  in New Orleans.

To reach Todd Matherne directly, contact him at todd@bizneworleans.com



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