Safety is No. 1

Now that the qualifying is over, campaigning for the next mayor and city council of New Orleans is moving into high gear.

It seems that every election these days is regarded as the most important election of our time. There is an overwhelming outcry from those on all sides determined to get it right. The collective state of mind is that we have all these problems and we need a new leader and leadership team to come in and save the day.

There are various issues New Orleans is encountering, but I will tell you that the biggest focus I have for the October election is what can we do about crime. I know we have potholes, dissolving streets and many other items to discuss and fix, but to me our right to enjoy New Orleans safely is all I am focused on. When you have genuine and justified fear, as 2017 crime statistics suggests, then potholes do not matter.

If you know me, I am one of the most glass half-full, active people around. I am always looking for the opportunity in chaos. So this election I ask all the candidates to focus on the opportunity to make New Orleans the safest it has ever been. Gather the experts, form a great team and hire the most efficient and dedicated police chief and make New Orleans safe.  

I want to hear not just conversation, but a real plan of action. That leader, the one with the sensible and actionable plan, has my vote.

Todd Matherne


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Publisher’s Note

A note from the desk of Todd Matherne


Todd Matherne started his career in 1987 and fell in love with the business of  publishing.  In 2006 along with other  partners he created Renaissance  Publishing, which today publishes seven magazines and over 20 custom titles.  He serves on many boards and is  involved in committees and events  throughout New Orleans. He has a  Bachelor of Science from The  University of New Orleans and because  he is local we will add "he went to  Archbishop Shaw" Class of 1985.  He is  married with three daughters and lives  in New Orleans.

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