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LABI Endorses 93 Candidates In 2015 General Election

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry’s political action committees laid out its endorsements for district and statewide races on the Saturday, October 24, 2015, ballot.

         LABI’s PACs, NORTHPAC, EASTPAC, SOUTHPAC and WESTPAC, collectively endorsed 54 legislators as well as the candidacy of 10 challengers over incumbents and 19 candidates in open seats. In one race, LABI endorsed both the incumbent and challenger. LABI is also endorsing a number of candidates seeking seats on the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and one Supreme Court race.

         “LABI’s PACs make its endorsement decisions based on the voting and leadership record of incumbents, issue questionnaires sent to candidates and other background information,” Brian Landry, LABI vice president of political action, said. “We encourage all voters across the state to visit labi.org to view the 2015 legislative scorecard and past scorecards and learn more about the candidates, the issues and the great potential of Louisiana.”

         The legislative endorsees include:


House of Representatives


HD-01         Representative       James “Jim” Morris        R

HD-05         Representative       Alan Seabaugh               R

HD-08         Representative       Mike Johnson                 R

HD-13         Open                    Jack McFarland              D

HD-17         Challenger            Billye Burns                   D

HD-18         Representative       Major Thibaut                D

HD-20         Representative       Steven E. Pylant             R

HD-22         Challenger            John Stephens                R

HD-31         Representative       Nancy Landry                R

HD-32         Challenger            Biscuit Smith                  R

HD-33         Representative       Michael E. Danahay        D

HD-36         Open                    Mark Abraham               R

HD-36         Open                    Keith DeSonier               R

HD-37         Representative       John E. Guinn                R

HD-39         Challenger            Julie Emerson                 R

HD-41         Open                    Phillip Devillier               R

HD-41         Open                    Greg Fruge                    R

HD-43         Representative       Stuart J. Bishop              R

HD-46         Representative       Mike Pete Huval             R

HD-47         Representative       Bob Hensgens                R

HD-48         Representative       Taylor F. Barras             R

HD-49         Representative       Blake Miquez                 R

HD-50         Representative       Sam Jones                     D

HD-51         Challenger            Beryl Amedee                R

HD-52         Open                    JJ Buquet                       R

HD-52         Open                    Jerome Zeringue             R

HD-53         Representative       Lenar L. Whitney           R

HD-56         Representative       Gregory Miller               R

HD-59         Open                    Tony Bacala                   R

HD-61         Open                    Donna Collins                 D

HD-64         Representative       Valarie Hodges               R

HD-65         Representative       Barry Ivey                     R

HD-66         Challenger            Rick Bond                     R

HD-66         Challenger            Rick Edmonds                R

HD-66         Challenger            Rusty Secrist                  R

HD-68         Representative       Stephen F. Carter           R

HD-69         Open                    Paula Davis                    R

HD-69         Open                    Ryan Heck                     R

HD-72         Open                    Hunter Carter                 D

HD-73         Representative       Stephen E. Pugh             R

HD-74         Representative       Scott M. Simon              R

HD-76         Representative       J. Kevin Pearson             R

HD-77         Representative       John M. Schroder, Sr.     R

HD-78         Representative       Kirk Talbot                    R

HD-79         Representative       Julie Stokes                    R

HD-80         Representative       Joseph P. Lopinto, III      R

HD-81         Representative       Clay Schexnayder           R

HD-82         Representative       Cameron Henry              R

HD-86         Representative       Chris Broadwater            R

HD-88         Representative       Johnny Berethelot           R

HD-90         Representative       Gregory Cromer             R

HD-94         Representative       Nick Lorusso                 R

HD-98         Representative       Neil C. Abramson           D

HD-103       Representative       Raymond E. Garofalo, Jr. R

HD-104       Representative       Paul B. Hollis                 R

HD-105       Representative       Christopher J. Leopold    R




SD-01         Open                    Sharon Hewitt                R

SD-06         Senator                Mack "Bodi" White, Jr.    R

SD-08         Senator                John Alario                    R

SD-09         Senator                Conrad Appel                 R

SD-10         Senator                Danny Martiny               R

SD-11         Senator                Jack Donahue                 R

SD-12         Open                    Beth Mizell                    R

SD-13         Challenger            Derek Babcock               R

SD-15         Open                    Dalton Honore               D

SD-16         Senator                Dan Claitor                    R

SD-16         Challenger            Scott McKnight              R

SD-19         Senator                Gary Smith                    R

SD-21         Senator                R.L. "Bret" Allain           R

SD-23         Senator                Patrick "Page" Cortez     R

SD-25         Senator                Dan Morrish                           R

SD-27         Senator                Ronnie Johns                  R

SD-29         Open                    Joshua Dara                   R

SD-30         Senator                John R. Smith                D

SD-31         Senator                Gerald Long                           R

SD-32         Senator                Neil Riser                       R

SD-33         Senator                Mike Walsworth             R

SD-34         Senator                Francis C. Thompson      D

SD-35         Open                    Jim Fannin                     R

SD-36         Open                    Henry Burns                           R

SD-37         Senator                Barrow Peacock             R

SD-38         Open                    Richard Burford             R

SD-39         Senator                Gregory Tarver              D




BESE 1       BESE 1                Jim Garvey

BESE 2       BESE 2                Kira Orange-Jones

BESE 3       Challenger            Sandy Holloway

BESE 4       Open                    Tony Davis

BESE 5       Open                    Gary Jones

BESE 6       Open                    Jason Engen

BESE 6       Open                    Laree Taylor

BESE 7       BESE 7                Holly Boffy

BESE 8       Challenger            Jada Lewis


Louisiana Supreme Court


D-3 Supreme Court                 Judge Marilyn Castle       R 


         NORTHPAC, EASTPAC, SOUTHPAC and WESTPAC are non-partisan political action committees working to recruit and support candidates who support the free enterprise market with as little government interference as possible.

         For more information




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