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Getting to Know HEROfarm

A Q&A with co-founder Shaun Walker

Kindred Spirits

Genevieve Douglass of Uptown PR has a new business venture and it’s challenging her to spread her wings, while embracing her love of being a new mom.

Mardi Gras Got The Best of You? Live by the Barre Code.

Stop and Smell The Flowers

Poppy and Mint Floral owner, Destiny Pinson talks shop… flower shop

The Religious Experience of Coffee

Renee Blanchard, owner of Church Alley Coffee Bar talks about how her business got brewin’

Startup Success 2015 Holiday List

Holiday Time in South Market District with Hattie Sparks

Add a Little Sparkle

Jess Leigh Gholston of Jess Leigh Jewels has a passion for jewelry and has turned that passion into a wildly successful business.

Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop.

VenturePop! Conference organizer and local entrepreneur, Kristy Oustalet, talks about her passion for creativity in business.

Just Around the Riverbend

Tiffany Napper of Bats on Strings is back with her latest business venture — Riverbend Collective — a new kind of shared work space for businesses.

Taking the Job Hunt to the Next Level

GradSquare Co-Founder, Marco Altamirano talks about a career hub for grad students to connect with employers and recruiters while providing data to their alma maters.

Striking Out On Her Own, But Not Striking Out.

PR Expert, Dominique Ellis talks about the joys of being her own boss.

Show me the Funny

The New Movement theater company is expanding beyond performance as they begin doing team building workshops for local New Orleans businesses.

Life’s a Picnic

Andrea Hernandez, founder of Merienda Picnic, talks about her passion for upping the ante when it comes to a day in the park.

Making a Pact

Jim Huger, founder of Parents and Children Together (PACT) talks about his proactive reward-based approach to keeping children off drugs.

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