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Leslie's List

Indulging My Delicious D-List


Johnny Angel

Musician, Beautician, Magician

Wine, Dine And Tour Your Holy Land

Cashing In On Custom Culture

Glamour, Glass and Gratitude

The Luck Of The Irish Cab Ride

The Art Whisperer of Royal Street

Revenge of the Nerds

One Tome At A Time

All Hallows’ Eve, The Afterlife, And The Business Of Seeing Into The Future

Oh L’Amour

A Little Respect For Audio Cassette Tapes

Big Apple Sweetness Melts Into The Big Easy

When Dr. Thomas Bayer “Deconstructed” Brad Pitt

Tour de Force Goforth and Ronald McDonald

The Bogalusa Blues, Rock n’ Roll Royalty, Mr. Mayor and Me

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